....we're not talking about devices. Although we do strive to be mobile friendly. Now Go Cook wants to encourage the "No Solo Act" mindset. Like eating, cooking should involve your family and friends. There are fun, memorable and interactive moments that only become greater by sharing amazing meals and the togetherness it takes to prepare them. When more hands are in the kitchen, not only is the meal made more efficiently, memories are made, too.


Common mindsets would agree that all the cooking has to be done by the Mom of the house. She was placed in the traditional position to cook, she was taught by her mom, she was good at it and so on, but today we see many Dads brandishing the spatula, donning the apron and stepping up to the task of preparing meals for the family.

This is great for the working Mom who doesn't have to feel alone in this task and it's a great opportunity for men to stretch themselves into a new role. As wonderful as this is, let's face it, it is the kids who eat most of the food, so why not guide them in the kitchen and lead them to greatness.

Lovingly teach your children the basics in the kitchen with praise and support. You'll be surprised at the ownership they'll display. What you model for them today will shape the choices they make for themselves in the future.

Now Go Cook wants to share with you ways we have learned to engage the kids in more than just doing dishes.


Yes, it's one of my favorite childhood stories. It has become a favorite in my adulthood as well. If you haven't read it, it's about a hen who asks the other animals to contribute to making a meal. Each one replies "no". So, she did it all herself. In the end, when the meal was done, it smelled wonderful and all the animals gathered to partake. This is where the music gets epic. She recites down the list of all she did to prepare the meal. They asked to eat too and she said "No, I made it myself, I will eat it myself".

Todays family has many roles and gererally it is one person who is responsible for the meal planning, shopping and cooking, even though everyone wants to partake in the eating. There are many tasks along the way that each person can help with. More on that here.

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Meal Planning - Have each person in your home come up with a meal, start to finish along with the ingredients it would take. My kids favorite meal to plan is a salad bar.

Grocery Shopping - If your house "coupons", give the kids scissors and let them cut away. Guide them on how you need it done. When they go shopping with you, they'll understand why. Other grocery help is unloading the car and putting the items away.

Meal Prep - There is rinsing and washing, chopping and grating, table setting and soup stirring. Certainly, there is a thing or two you can task people with. It's usually not argued since they will have to wait longer if they don't help out.

Above all, remember to make this fun! Play music and dance. For kids still in school, conduct a spelling bee or multiplication tables while chopping and grating. Meals shouldn't be drudgery. They sustain us and are a part of how our bodies function. Now Go Cook!