10 Ways to Make Water Not Boring

by Jodi Costa
Tuesday, June 14, 2016


e see it all over the shelves in the grocery stores…. Flavored Water. Some promise to be full of vitamins. Others promise to hydrate you better than water. But all I see is my grocery bill climbing and climbing. And for someone who already struggles with recycling plastic, I can’t add one more plastic bottle to my “recycling bin” guilt trip. We all realize, with some level of obvious certainty, that our bodies need water!

  • Water flushes out toxins (perfect after a workout or massage when toxins are stirred up). 
  • Water helps with digestion and constipation. 
  • Water can relieve headaches and treat migraines. 
  • Water improves your mood, relieves fatigue and improves brain function. 
  • Hydration from water increases energy. 
  • Water is an important factor in weight loss. 

So if you didn’t realize it before, now you know how vital water is to your body.

And besides the benefits of drinking water and the grocery bill saver, can you imagine how buying a plastic bottle of enhanced water could possibly be better for you than if you were to make your own?! I don't know the processes used. I don't know the quality of the ingredients. I can't pronounce half of the stuff on the label! That should be reason enough to steer clear of flavored water. 

The filtration system I use for my home is the best I've seen so far. It strips the water of chlorine, sewage, scale, etc without stripping away the good things in water that our bodies need.  HANISH WATER. If you decide to give them a call for a quote, make sure to mention that Now Go Cook sent you! 

What if I’m bored of water? Bored? Really? 

You're not a bad person!!
Here are TEN ways to un-bore your water. 

1. Grapefruit slice + Ginger slice 
2. Lemon wedge + Mint leaf 
3. Thyme sprig + Lemon wedge 
4. Cucumber slice + Mint leaf 
5. Lime wedge + Cucumber slice 
6. Strawberry + Citrus wedge 
7. Blackberries or Raspberries
8. Blueberries + Orange slice
9. Pineapple slices 
10. Add an herbal tea bag to your room temperature water 
(I refill it 4-5 times before it starts losing it’s flavor) 
Peppermint is my favorite. Green tea is my second favorite.


10 Ways to make water not boring
What if I’m bored of water? Bored? Really? You're not a bad person!! Here are TEN ways to un-bore your water.


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